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Native American Legends

  Today I got to see a special visitor. He is a classmate’s uncle. He shared two stories with our class. The first story was about a wolf and a porcupine.  Once upon a time there lived a porcupine and a… Continue Reading →

Tarantula Hawk vs. Rabbit

        My purpose is to convince you that Tarantula hawks are better than rabbits. Popo: Reason: Rabbits can have rabbits. Popo: Example: Rabbits can have babies rabbits every year. Coen: Reason: Tarantula hawks help the earth. Coen:… Continue Reading →

Spiny Leaf Cricket vs. Golden Orb Weaver Spider

The golden orb weaver has very strong silk. It’s silk is 6 times stronger than steel. It constantly eats bugs, butterflies, and even small birds! With its strong silk. little neighbors called Clephto parasites are like garbage collectors and they… Continue Reading →

Chinese Traditional Hot Steamed Buns

  Yummy!  Did you know that Chinese hot steamed buns with red bean paste taste really good? It is a Chinese traditional cake and they really taste delicious and yummy. (If you go to my friends blog which is you… Continue Reading →

White Tailed Spider vs. Cellar Spider

The cellar spider has long legs to keep prey arm length. Their fangs are small but packs lots of venom! When it seeks a prey it swirls on its legs or pumps its legs to turn invisible. Cellar spider silk… Continue Reading →

Black Tailed Scorpion Baby vs. Pirate Spider

The Pirate Spider is 1/5 inches long. It lives in South America. It eats lizards and mantids and small insects. Pirate spiders like to pin their prey down with its long spiny legs that also has claws. They have 2… Continue Reading →

Eat Red Meat vs. NOT Eating Red Meat

Coen: To convince to not cook red meat. Mom: To get Coen to eat red meat. Coen: I strongly believe that red meat is bad for you. Mom: In my opinion, red meat in moderation is a healthy choice for… Continue Reading →

Kittens vs. Puppies Who do you think will win? By Lily & Coen

My purpose is to convince you that puppies are better than kittens. Lily’s purpose is to convince you that kittens are better than puppies. Lily: Reason: I like kittens because they can do cool tricks!. Lily: Example: Like play the piano… Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Ant

The Dinosaur ant is an inch and a half long. The Dinosaur ant lives in the woodlands. It can eat anteaters. But it likes to eat birds and small mammals. Dinosaur ants like to drink nectar.  The video shows that… Continue Reading →

Velvet Worm

The velvet worm is a deadly creature. It spits gooey threads to capture its prey and turns the prey into a smoothie and drinks it up. Velvet worms can grow up to 4 inches long. It can also eat the… Continue Reading →

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